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Friday, December 10, 2004

PDCA Ballots

The ballots will be in the printer's hands the first of the week and so hopefully in two or three weeks will be in your hands.

We attempted to get a biography and vision statement from all the candidates but no one was discounted if for some reason they were unavailable and not able to give one. Some of the nominees by others declined or may not have met the guidelines and so what began as a long list of candidates became smaller. Not all candidates are running for all of the positions they were nominated for. I know that I was nominated for multiple positions but I didn't want to run for everything, especially since there were better choices nominated at some of the positions. My thoughts were much like some of the other candidates of being willing to serve where needed to help the PDCA. Whether it be the cook or dishwasher it's all important.

One item you'll be voting on is to extend this first term to 2006. The reason for this is to give the newly elected some continuity in getting organized rather than turn around in a few months with new elections. Another item on the ballot will be the choice to have two vice presidents. The reason for two is the amount work needed to be done here in the beginning and so the idea is with one vp working with organizing all of the newly formed committees, the other vp can work with the newsletter, website, and basically help out in the area of communications with the membership. Members appreciate knowing what's going on and so keeping everyone informed is a part of the Association that's important.

The people working on the ballots have done a good job of explaining all of these items which will be included with your ballot. Patrice Lewis and Donna Martin deserve a great deal of credit for all of their hard work on this.

Should you have any questions about the ballots feel free to contact any of the PDCA Officers or Area Managers.

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