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Friday, January 28, 2005

Tentative Plans

Here's some answers to questions asked in another forum regarding the auction and PDCA workshops for the 2005 PDCA annual meeting:

Everything is tentative at the moment and once all the plans are firmed up they'll be announced on the PDCA web site and put in the Spring 2005 PDCA Record. I don't have any of the specific details for the individual workshops but a few of the likely possibilities are a basic workshop for beginners and prospective buyers, a grass-fed workshop, ultrasound for reproduction and carcass merit, and perhaps a fitting demonstration will be another.

They're planning to use for the Dexter cattle sale what is called out there a "cowboy" auction which is simple and not as intimidating to new people as some other kinds of auctions might be. Wes will explain it better in the Record but essentially beforehand everyone interested knows the opening bid and has cards. If no one holds up a card then of course it's a no sale, but if several hold up cards you move on then to the next bid until you get to only one card left being held up. If you drop out during the bidding then you can't reenter. Haulers from the auction should be available as well and their information will also be in the Record.

A number of members have expressed a desire for a tour of the Chico State University farm and so that might also be added to the schedule for Thursday. I found the evaluation of a Dexter carcass at the University meats lab to be very interesting when I was there in 94.

If anyone with plans to attend has any questions/suggestions contact Wes Patton at 6352 County Road 27, Orland, CA, 95963, phone (530) 865-7250, or email jpatton@orland.net

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