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Friday, February 11, 2005

Chondrodysplasia Test

Chondrodysplasia testing of Dexter cattle is now available through the PDCA. "Bova-Can Laboratories is pleased to offer this service to members of the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America." Specific details and information for members regarding the testing will be in the Record and posted on the PDCA web site.

Here's a summary of the relevant information from Bova-Can. For those that may wonder why they need to go through the Association rather than deal directly with the lab it's because this was one of the conditions set by the lab. Gabriella Nanci deserves a lot credit for her months of work with Bova-Can in getting this test set up again for Dexter cattle.

PDCA will collect the hair sample envelopes from their members. The samples will be submitted by PDCA to Bova-Can Labs for testing in batches.

A completed Application Form must accompany each sample submitted for testing.

Hair samples are to be collected in PAPER envelopes, not plastic bags. The PDCA can supply envelopes if requested. Each sample must be clearly labeled with the animal's name, registration number and tattoo. The lab will not accept unlabeled or partially labeled samples for testing.

Test results along with Bova-Can's invoice will be sent to the PDCA for distribution to the member requesting the test. Communications will be between the PDCA and Bova-Can Laboratories.

The testing fee will be invoiced at $35.00 US per sample.

The tests will be conducted once every 3 months.

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