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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dual Memberships

Some have asked questions such as, can we be an officer of the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America (PDCA) and still belong to another Dexter cattle association? The simple answer is "yes" because membership in another association is not a disqualification. Where there are restrictions on serving with the PDCA is where there might be a conflict of interest such as someone that may be on the Board or possibly committees of another Dexter cattle association. So unless you're serving in some official capacity with another association, membership in the ADCA or CDCA doesn't affect your serving with the PDCA.

Along these lines, registration papers from another Dexter cattle association will not guarantee that your cattle are automatically transferable to the PDCA. One of the main purposes in the founding of the PDCA was in order to protect and maintain a reliable Dexter cattle registry. So if papers from another association are inaccurate or don't have all the required information then they will have to be corrected before acceptance into the PDCA registry.

So in summary, if someone chooses to belong to every Dexter cattle association in the world, membership alone is not a problem with regards to serving in the PDCA.

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