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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Dexter Cattle" revisited

I'm pleased to see all the renewed interest in "Dexter Cattle" by John Hays. When I heard that a republishing of the book had been rejected by another Dexter association because of that Board's view that the book was now out-dated, I had the personal pleasure and privilege to speak with Belle about doing some editing. My hope was that with John's age and health failing we could get the book republished once again for all those new breeders that may not have had the opportunity to purchase or read the book and for John. We discussed some of the new Dexter information that has come out since the book was originally published but those changes it was thought would make it no longer "John's book" and would have lost some of the historical significance of the book. As it turned out I believe in the end this was the correct choice. We agreed on some reformatting for readability which Belle had someone do when republishing the book at John and her expense. Belle also suggested that the PDCA include a flyer with the book as she wanted to be sure that people would be able to find Rosemary Fleharty and our new Dexter association, the PDCA. So it was an honor for me to be able to praise and recognize John's work before his passing as Belle and John have always been a tremendous asset to our breed, Dexter cattle.

To order "Dexter Cattle" by John Hays, please make check for $10 U.S. payable to PDCA, and mail to:
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