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Monday, June 13, 2005

PDCA Dexter Cattle Sale

Training has begun for Roxie. Right now if she was entering a calf race I believe that she'd have a good chance of winning. She's spunky but hopefully will behave herself in California and bring a good price in the sale. All proceeds from the sale of Roxie are being donated to the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America, so she's a company gal.

The PDCA Sale will be July 16th in Orland, California. It will be a "cowboy auction" which essentially means as the price goes up, bidders drop out until there is only one bidder left standing. Those that drop out cannot re-enter and no new bidders can enter after the bidding on that animal starts. If you cannot be present, mail and phone bids can be handled by a member of the Sales Committee on your behalf. So if you want to bid on Roxie or the other Dexters in the PDCA Sale contact Wes Patton, at 6352 County Road 27, Orland, CA, 95963, phone (530) 865-7250, or email jpatton@orland.net for more information. Wes can also give you information regarding haulers that will be available should you need your Dexter(s) delivered to your farm.

They're in the process of putting together the show catalog and so I'm not sure of the quantity of Dexters that we'll have. Given that the top show winning Dexter herds will be represented I am assured of the quality of Dexter cattle that will be there. So when Roxie arrives out West she'll get to hobnob with the Dexter elite.

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