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Thursday, July 07, 2005

They're going to put me in the movies...

Jean Heidker's daughter came out yesterday to film Roxie. Jean is one of the people that will be doing the hauling to and from the PDCA Show & Sale. Since all proceeds from the sale of Roxie are being donated to the PDCA it was decided that it would be better to put the money toward hauling Roxie for the buyer, rather than to the show, where she will have to be hauled again to the buyers place, anyway. This way Jean can offer discounted hauling as part of the donation and Roxie will only have to make one trip. So she'll be auctioned via video.

Roxie's training the past couple of weeks has been slowed a little by the afternoon heat but she's now been halter broken and tamed. Roxie's dam is Heather PDCA #201003 who was part accident and part experiment in eliminating the carrier gene. Roxie's sire was Spruce Grove Matt PDCA #201002. I also still have Roxie's grand dam and great grand dam. When grown, you can expect Roxie to be 40 inches at the withers and a non-carrier.

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