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Monday, August 01, 2005

The Further Adventures of Roxie...

Some here have watched the brown/dun Dexter heifer calf's growth since her birth back in February. Originally she was preparing to be in the PDCA Show & Sale in California, but when the Dexter she was hitching a ride out west with had to cancel due to imminent calving, it was decided to put Roxie in a movie so that she would only have to make one trip to her new home. A lady came out and filmed Roxie and mailed off the video but somewhere along the way the tape got misplaced and lost. So it was left up to the members as to whether we should go ahead and auction Roxie without the video or do a silent auction instead on the PDCA web site. One member made a generous bid but other members having not seen Roxie wanted to do an online auction for the calf and so in the end this is what was decided. Rebecca has put this together and so now we have the PDCA's first ever Silent Auction. Bidding will end at midnight August 27, 2005, and then Roxie's new home will be with the highest bidder. All proceeds from the sale of Roxie will go to the PDCA and so let the bidding begin.

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