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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Novelty calf getting lots of attention

By Bruce Fraser - NZ

A new dexter calf is no big thing.

'But Peter and Annette Gardiner's knee-high newborn is still getting plenty of attention and showers of oohs and aahs from visitors.

She isn't named yet but the Te Anau lifestyle farmers who own her say she'll get an Irish name starting with R in accordance with cattle breeders' fashion; her mother is Rebecca.

Dexters, the world's smallest cattle breed,* attracted the Gardiners with their combination of affordability, gentleness and charm. An average cow stands about 1m tall.

Originating in Ireland in the 1800s as a house cow breed, they have been in New Zealand for about 12 years.

They forage well on rough pasture and produce up to 14 litres of milk a day as well as Angus-style beef – "though in smaller cuts, for obvious reasons," Mr Gardiner said.'


*Smallest of the europeon cattle breeds.

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