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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dexter Bulls Weigh In

A Texas Dexter breeder's web site caught my eye and piqued my interest in this weighty topic when I recently read on their site:

Bulls should be 38-44" at the shoulder; not more than 1200 lb.

Perhaps everything's bigger in Texas but Dexter breed standards in America generally list something like the following:

Bulls at three years old and over should not exceed 1000 lbs. live weight.

Interestingly, W. R. Thrower's book "The Dexter Cow" originally published in 1954 states:

Bulls should not exceed 900 lb. live weight.

This coincides with what was stated about Dexters in "Breeds of Livestock in America" published in 1931:

Mature bulls should not weigh over 900 lbs.

Another interesting point is that Kerry bulls in the same book are listed as about 1,250 lbs.

Here's a link for a comparison of weights in a few other beef breeds:

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