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Thursday, November 17, 2005

PDCA Herd Book

The reviews for the PDCA Online Pedigree Site have been excellent. Since the announcement Monday night there has been over 400 visits and already 50 photos have been uploaded. I don't have all of my photos up yet as I might try to take some more current ones. Hopefully I don't chop off the cow's head or the cow stands to make it look like a Dexter has only three legs.

As mentioned before, more additions to the Pedigree Site are forthcoming. One item the developer will be working on in the next few weeks will be an electronic herd book. The data should be more comprehensive than the old method of just publishing what has been returned from individual mailings. With an electronic version any mistakes unlike a published version can be easily corrected and updates made. This will be done in a printable format so that the herd book can be printed out for those that may want a paper copy or someone that may not have computer access yet. Not only should this be more accurate but in the long run less expensive than publishing books that each year become more massive.

So for anyone wondering about the PDCA Herd Book, it's being developed.

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