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Thursday, December 08, 2005

PDCA Pedigree Analysis

Doug Meyer has developed and is currently testing a Pedigree Analysis feature for the PDCA Online Pedigree site. Doug is considering offering the Pedigree Analysis on a subcription basis to those PDCA members that might be interested in this new feature. Here is a brief summary of some of the new features:

*You can provide either an ID # for an animal to analyze, or the ID #s of a Bull and Cow to analyze their hypothetical mating.

*The s/w finds the full list of ancestors for the animal or mating you specify, and gives you some summary information about the ancestors on the Pedigree Analysis page.

*Also on the Pedigree Analysis page are links to various detailed reports such as the full list of ancestors, list of unique ancestors, and list of common ancestors (those that appear in the pedigree more than once.) A search function is provided for these reports so that you can, for example, search within the full pedigree for particular animals.

*Also on the Pedigree Analysis page are links to pages that calculate Wright's Inbreeding Coefficient (or COI) for the animal or breeding that you specified. Details of the COI analysis are provided for those interested (and can be ignored by those not interested.)

PDCA members interested in the Pedigree Analysis will have the opportunity to utilize this feature shortly.

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