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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cow products to replace antibiotics


With the World Health Organisation cautioning about antibiotics becoming ''ineffective'' by 2020, cow products including urine, dung, milk and ghee could well ''replace'' these drugs, a senior scientist claimed today.

Interacting with newspersons here senior scientist from the Centre for Animal Disease Research and Diagnosi, R L Chauhan, who was here to participate in a two-day national conference on immunology said the WHO has cautioned that by 2020, the antibiotics will become ineffective and the scientists will have to replace them by alternative means.

Prof Chauhan said Panchgavya (Cowpathy) -- medical treatment through cow products -- can be a viable and side-effect free alternative, especially in light of established facts that this therapy formed a crucial part of Ayurveda.

''Cow products such as urine, dung, milk, curd and ghee hold the promise of controlling infections in humans and use of cow urine in medical therapy has been in practice since time immemorial,'' he claimed.

The cow urine has recently been granted a US patent for its synergistic properties with antibiotics and as bioenhancer. The preliminary studies on immunomodulation with cow urine have also found favour among the global scientist fraternity, Prof Chauhan further claimed.

He said ''India with a sizeable cow population can take a lead in the development of cheap and effective cow product based medicines.''

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