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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Undernourished Aliens Ask: Got Milk?

NEW YORK -- The ad campaign that launched a thousand spoofs is about to return to a television station near you, this time with aliens.

Got Milk? was one of the most successful, and mimicked, campaigns of the 1990’s. Now it’s back, with a new series of TV spots set to air starting today, the California Milk Processor Board announced.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the San Francisco firm that developed the original series 12 years ago, created the five 30-second spots, which will run throughout 2006. The dairy industry spends $150 million annually to promote Got Milk?, the CMPB said.

The campaign, titled “Aliens,” plays on the idea that extraterrestrial creatures are combing the countryside looking for a magical white elixir that can cure them of health problems.

The spots end with the famous tagline embedded, crop-circle-like, in a field. The space visitors, who hail from nations like Papau Hairthinny and Cavitopia, are meant to make viewers laugh, while reminding them that milk provides often over looked health benefits like promoting a good night’s sleep and fighting PMS, according to a statement.



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