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Sunday, May 28, 2006


I'm currently assisting our Bylaws Committee in helping to organize the Bylaws and Rules & Regulations our committee has drafted. We're receiving outside assistance and professional advice so that upon completion these will become both functional as well as legal. The plan is to have these completed in time for the Annual Meeting and if there are no objections they'll be mailed out to the PDCA membership for their approval. These will be very comprehensive and should perhaps clarify many of the major differences of governance between the Dexter associations.

I want to add something about governance since I've seen members faulted for a lack of participation with breed association politics. Members have a right to assume that Directors will meet the duty of loyalty requirements of the Delaware statutes and not engage in self-dealing or negligence. Membership has to be given the right not only to elect Directors but also provided the means to remove a bad Director(s). Otherwise, as what was experienced in the past, there are no checks and balances on your Directors which would cause them to act responsibly. Members want an accurate and reliable registry from their breed association and not a lot of politics which takes time away from their Dexters.

As I've told others, breed, breeders, and integrity, are together what comprise a great breed association. Following these principles, the PDCA should still be continuing to grow and registering Dexter cattle long past the year 2057.

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