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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In search of the good life

Christine Webb, Daily Mail - UK

Christian and Rosie-Anne Yates and their four children cut their teeth on a 35-acre smallholding and loved it so much they moved in March to a 65-acre farm in Cucklington, Dorset.

'I ran a corporate entertainment business in London and then we bought an historic house which we renovated,' said Rosie-Anne, 42. 'We sold that to move here, wherewe keep horses and have arable land on which we grow barley and maize. We also have 10 Dexter cattle, which are small and hardy - we hope to end up with 30. We intend to make silage and hay for our livestock and to sell.

'We've invested a lot in the farm buildings and hope to extend the three-bedroom house. Christian, 44, works in the City and travels a lot. It's a great way of life for the children, my eldest son, Ivo, 13, is thrilled - he helps on the farm. He and Pandora 11, Lucia, five and Ferdie, four, loved collecting eggs until a fox got the chickens, but they've learned where food comes from and what hard work it is.

'The local people are very helpful - they realise we're not dyed-in-the-wool farmers. We hope to sell beef through the RSPCA's Freedom Farming scheme. 'Farming is very hard work, and the paperwork and red tape is frightening, but it's hugely rewarding. It's lovely to eat your own food. Your priorities in life change, too: having a beautiful hairstyle is no longer important. It's a wonderful outdoor life!'

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