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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Cows Named Sass and Rosi

By Richard Edwards

A LEEDS farm is now home to two laughing cows – thanks to a Yorkshire Evening Post reader and the paper's We Love Summer campaign. The Dexter cattle, which live at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, Leeds, have full, posh pedigree names. They were bought using £500 donations from the YEP and the Radisson SAS Hotel Leeds. Early last month, staff at the farm challenged YEP readers to come up with everyday names for the bovine brace.

Ideas poured in, with some readers coming up with classic cow titles like Daisy or Ermintrude. One reader suggested the animals should be given Indian names, as the cow is a sacred creature in India. But the winning idea, sent in by Annette Burnham, was to name the cows Sass and Rosi. Using the 'and,' the names are an anagram of Radisson SAS.

Farm director Sue Reddington said: "We were delighted with the response. There were some really good ideas and it was nice to see so many people taking an interest. Animals always catch peoples' attention and we are hoping to see lots of people coming to see Sass and Rosi, along with all the other animals living here." She added: "They are quite sophisticated cows so they are pleased to get their names. They have been mooing all the way to the hay trough."

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