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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Building A Breed Association & Goals

Building a breed association is in some ways like building a house. On the weekend of July 17, 2004, a group of Dexter breeders worked late into the evenings drawing up plans for the formation of the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America. Out of these meetings came the rough drafts, the basis of which is a Dexter association by and for the membership. So we now have the first blueprint which you as the members that will be living in this house, can view and work with the architects on. Dexter breeders may want more closets or a window over there instead of over here but it's a group project.

I've seen a few questions about the PDCA goals which is good because it means that members are thinking about what the objectives of a breed association could/should be. As time goes on, we'll cover each of these goals extensively so everyone will have full knowledge of intentions and implementations. Together we'll discuss and weigh all our options in the design of these goals in order to help reach a consensus before any final decision or vote is cast. So there are no definitive answers until you the members make the final decision on how big you want your closets to be.

The foundation of any breed association is the integrity of its registry. The PDCA is fortunate in that we have, to my knowledge, the longest active Dexter Registrar in the world, Rosemary Fleharty. Already, a new program as been put together specifically for the PDCA that will be an upgrade from previous programs. Rosemary also serves as the PDCA's Secretary and she has been acclaimed by other organizations for her performance and professionalism as breed secretary. A breed association's success or failure is generally dependent on its secretary. This is because the bulk of the association work ends up being dumped on and accomplished by the secretary. With Rosemary, the PDCA's foundation is solid.

This a great time to be part of and participate in the construction of an association. Ultimately, this house will be built from the labors of members and their caring for the breed. The Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America will be where Dexter cows come home.

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