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Friday, October 22, 2004

A Mooky Week ~

Been kind of a dreary week weather-wise but there's been a lot of PDCA activity this week.

A couple of members have volunteered to help with putting together PDCA promotional merchandise such as PDCA farm signs, Dexter shirts, and some unique Dexter items. Look for that on the PDCA website in the future.

Credit goes to Gabriella Nanci for laying the groundwork for Dexter DNA testing with the laboratory in Canada. Information and the form will be posted on the PDCA website soon.

Everyone is pitching in to help with the inaugural issue of the PDCA Record. So poor Patrice is being swamped with ideas and material as everyone works to make this first issue positive and special for the PDCA membership.

Dean and Rosemary have been busy this week trying to catch up on being swamped by all the PDCA paperwork that's come in.

Rebecca's working hard on the website. She's received a number of ads already and so is developing our classifieds to be placed on there shortly.

Plans are developing for the PDCA's annual meeting this summer and those details will be announced soon.

As for myself, I'm a little behind on my writing this week as I had to make some unplanned trips running Mooky back and forth to the vet this week. Turned out her problem was a uterus infection but the infection along with the uterus has now been removed and so the rag mop is recovering nicely now.

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