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Friday, October 15, 2004

Nomination Letter

By now, you should have or will soon have your PDCA Nomination Letter. Please take the time to fill this out and return your nominations soon. Nominate yourself and/or nominate someone that you feel is qualified for a position. If you're not sure of who might be qualified or willing to serve on some positions you can leave those lines blank.

Contrary to the misinformation that you may have read in that other association's newsletter, the PDCA membership nominates, votes, and decides on all the Association's positions. I give members credit for being able to see the difference between what you say and what you do. When you ignore member input and then turn around afterwards and say that you want member involvement, I believe Dexter breeders are smart enough to realize the meaning is only damage control and not the truth as set forth by the precedent. The PDCA has put the letter in your hands. Ideally, we'd like to have the nominations returned by October 1st, if possible. The nominees will then be contacted and resumes will be put together which will be included along with ballots in the PDCA Record which will come out in November. The plan is to have the votes tabulated by Christmas, and so by the first of the year the PDCA Officers, Managers, Representatives, and Staff that the membership has decided on should be in place.

Thank you for your contribution to the breed, breeders, and the Association.

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