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Thursday, March 10, 2005

"The Best"

When I was editor I checked out most of the other cattle association's breed publications and even consulted with some of the larger breed editors that had their own offices within their association. So my experience has left me being perhaps more analytical and jaundiced in viewing the content and formats of various breed publications but with having some basis in fact. I've read most of the Dexter breed publications in the world and it pleases me that I can honestly say that some of our Dexter publications are as good and in some cases better than perhaps some of the bigger and more high dollar cattle association publications. With the current edition of the PDCA Record having now arrived I would place the PDCA Record as now being one of the top three Dexter cattle publications in the world.

One way to judge a publication is by the accuracy and relevancy in its content. Association business will constitute a portion of your publication but ultimately what will be of interest to breeders will be material relevant to Dexter cattle. Formatting is much like a chef that garnishes a dinner plate in that if the plate looks good it will taste good. For an editor this would be utilizing spaces wisely as to not add to the cost by being wasteful and with a font consistency in providing the proper appearance from both the printed and white spaces.

The other two excellent Dexter publications, which I’ve subscribed to for years, are the UK’s Dexter Cattle Society Bulletin and Australia's Dexter Bulletin. Australia's Dexter publication has always been top of the line and the U.K. is fortunate to have one of the longest active Dexter editors in the world, my friend Eileen Hayes. So Patrice Lewis, along with PDCA members contributions deserve a lot of the credit and the PDCA can be proud of now having one of the three best Dexter cattle publications in the world.

My copy of The Record arrived this afternoon and so depending on how long the mail takes from Missouri, hopefully your copy will arrive soon.

I have a road trip to Minnesota planned for the next couple of days, so get out and enjoy your Dexter cattle and have a great weekend.

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