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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New rules for cattle, bison

Cattle and bison entering the state will be required to undergo new testing requirements for bovine tuberculosis beginning June 1 according to information released by the Indiana State Board of Animal Health Friday.

Testing will be conducted based on an animal’s place of origin and is being implemented in response to a reemergence of tuberculosis in cattle in several states. Three states — New Mexico, Texas and California — have lost their TB- free status within the last three years, although California recently regained free status.

“That tells me that Indiana needs to be proactive in protecting our growing dairy industry in a very uncertain climate,” explained Indiana State Veterinarian Bret D. Marsh, DVM.

Most of the new testing requirements are based upon the U.S. Department of Agriculture TB status of the regions from which the cattle originate.

Additional testing is required of sexually intact female dairy animals, including crossbreeds, regardless of their state/zone of origin.

The rule exempts from testing cattle originating from TB-accredited herds, as well as those moving under a BOAH-approved commuter herd agreement. Cattle moving directly to slaughter in Indiana, or through only one approved livestock facility, are also exempt from testing.

“These new requirements will provide Hoosier producers an opportunity to have confidence in the health of the cattle and bison entering the state. We need assurance that the nation’s tuberculosis surveillance efforts are reliable and on target,” Marsh said.

“We hope the additional dairy testing won’t be a permanent change, however we feel it’s prudent in our current environment.”

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