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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Great PDCA Weekend!

I didn't count heads and so I'm not sure how many of the PDCA's 416 members attended but it seemed like over 100 of them were ahead of me in the lunch lines. It was hot but Jane and Wes were great hosts and made everyone comfortable. The entire weekend was informative and everyone came away as more knowledgeable breeders.

The coin raffle I believe brought in an extra $750 and the donated items auction Friday may have brought in more than double that. Roxie's saga continues and I'll have more about her later. There was an excellent group of Dexters in the show and all those except one bull calf sold and brought good prices in the sale. Full details of the PDCA's first annual meeting, show, sale, and educational programs will be in the Record. Most of the weekend was filmed and so members unable to attend may still be able to enjoy the events.

Some important Dexter issues were covered and I may go into some of these during the week. It was good to see once again people that I'd seen at Dexter meetings years ago and meeting others in person for the first time. PDCA people are an impressive bunch.

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