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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Happy Anniversary PDCA!

This weekend will mark the one year anniversary of the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America. A year ago there was one Dexter cattle association in the U.S. consisting of 886 members. Today there are two Dexter cattle associations in the U.S. with one having about 600 members and our PDCA which has remarkably grown in just one year to about 400 members. As I've said about cattle shows it's not about quantity but about quality and the PDCA membership includes quality breeders and the longest active Dexter breeders is the U.S. These are breeders that have not only spent years developing their own Dexter herds but have also generously given their time and efforts in improving and honestly promoting the Dexter cattle breed. Back in the 1960's it was proposed that the term "miniature" not be used to describe Dexters, perhaps because breeders back then recognized that this was more of a short term marketing gimmick and not an honest overview of the breed. Dexter cattle are an ancient, small, hardy, functional breed of cattle and functional would have placed high on the priorities of the traditional Irish farmer and as well it should with the modern Dexter breeder. What's refreshing about this year compared to last, is the focus is now back on the breed where it should have been all along. The quality of honest breeders we have today will ensure the quality of Dexters that will be around in the future for our great great grandchildren.

I'm trying to get organized here before taking off tomorrow at 4 a.m. We've watched Roxie along with her buddy Ralph online since being born in February. Now in a couple of days we'll find out where this cute little heifer's new home will be. If you have any questions about this Saturday's Dexter auction give Wes Patton a call at (530) 865-7250. You can make a bid on Roxie or any of the quality Dexters in the sale from anywhere in the U.S. Perhaps in time we can add a live video cam to PDCA sanctioned sales to give buyers from the comfort of their computers a view of the Dexter cattle for sale.

I believe tomorrow is appropriately enough cow appreciation day. So I'll wish everyone a happy and safe cow appreciation day! Dexter friends in Orland, I'll see you soon. Those of you not lucky enough to be able to attend our PDCA Dexter events this year, hopefully you'll also have a great weekend anyway. Try to find some way to survive the heat and keep cool this weekend like Roxie's dun grandmother here has managed to do.

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