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Monday, August 29, 2005

Creamery's milk tops generic taste

Sue Gleiter

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - At Trickling Springs Creamery, customers carry in empty glass milk bottles to return for a deposit.

While the creamery sells snack mixes, relishes, dried pastas and deli meats, the big draw is its nonfat, 1 and 2 percent and whole milk, sold by the half gallon and pint.

Trickling Springs' milk comes from grass-fed cows. The result, many customers say, is an all-natural product with a smoother, creamier taste.

"I enjoy their milk, it's fresher. I always bought whole milk, but here you can get the 2-percent and it tastes like whole," said Ron Royer of Fayetteville, who stops at least twice a week to buy nonfat and 2-percent.

For four years, Trickling Springs has been producing milk which is mostly sold in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., supermarkets. It's available locally at Fox's Markets, Shurfine in Enola, Appalachian Whole Foods Market in Carlisle and Nude Foods at the Broad Street Market.

Gerald Byers, owner, said there's a growing market for milk from grass-fed cows, especially with increased interest in organic foods.

"There is a difference in the taste. What the difference (is), to explain it is really hard. You almost have to feel the difference. It tastes more like milk. A lot of the other milk has gone through a lot more processing," he said.


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