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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Today, I'll try to clarify some perhaps misleading information that I've heard is floating around regarding registries. Most breed associations use customized computer programs to meet their requirements although in recent times more features are becoming standardized. The old registry program was a Linux based operating system commonly used among professionals but most people are more familiar with windows based operating systems. With the Linux system you could print out the entire membership directory with one click, however, the system had built-in fail-safes to prevent the entry of incorrect data and protect the accuracy of the registry. If a new registrar comes along and bypasses the fail-safes they may go along fine for awhile but by the end of the year the registry will be corrupted and the program likely unsalvageable. I suspect this may be part of the reason why some data that had previously been recorded correctly in the other association's registry has now been altered and is incorrect. Their new software purchased several months ago has a good reputation and so now any mistakes should not be blamed on the operating software but of the operator of the software. This is why I suggested many years ago that the registry should always be maintained by professionals and not by whatever member happens to fall off the turnip truck.

The PDCA is fortunate in that we have a professional to maintain and protect our registry. Rosemary Fleharty is working to ensure a smooth transition for whenever the day comes that she will no longer be correcting our mistakes so that the PDCA registry will always be maintained by professionals. Our more immediate problem is what to do about the increasing number of flawed paperwork from the other Dexter registry.

The PDCA has an experienced Dexter cattle registrar that takes the time to cross check registrations to make sure of their accuracy. Having registered Dexters for 20 years she has knowledge of about every Dexter herd and so it's less likely for anyone to slip something past her. The other Dexter association's registrar has had no experience before in registering animals and accepts whatever is sent, apparently without checking and correcting mistakes. What this can lead to down the road is someone purchasing a Dexter that may state on it's papers that it's 5 years old but in reality could be 7 or 8 years old. It may be harsh to say but I would compare the other registry now to some dog registries that operate much like puppy "papers" mills. You have "papers" but they may be worthless except for housebreaking. This may serve the Sellers immediate needs but not the Buyers because of the inaccuracies.

Members brought up at this year's annual meeting concerns about the mistakes that they're seeing in the other registry. After discussion it was decided that the only solution would be to close the PDCA registry to keep out the other registries inaccuracies and mistakes. There's a limit to raising fees to correct errors and this ends up giving the appearance of being a penalty towards the other association. As time goes on these mistakes will multiply and the PDCA registrar won't be able to afford the time it takes to track down and correct all of the other registry's errors. There's too many. No other professional registrar would likely spend the time to do so either which is also a consideration. The other association has discontinued including some data that has always been a part of the Dexter registry and so there is really no other option in the near future but to close the PDCA's registry to the other registry. Certainly the PDCA would like to register all Dexters and accommodate all Dexter breeders but without correct paperwork the papers become worthless. Without the proper crosschecking and accurate recording, you don't know who bred the Dexter or if it is even a Dexter and how old the Dexter may really be. The other association operates a different system for registrations than does the PDCA. So when we say we're closing the PDCA registry in the near future it means closed to the acceptance of paperwork from the other association. Our two systems of registration are not compatible. This has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with protecting the integrity of the PDCA's registry. PDCA members can be assured that professionally maintaining an accurate and reliable Dexter cattle registry will always be the PDCA's first priority.

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