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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Some quotes written between the years 1996 and 2001:

It was so cold last month, I read that up north you could drive nails with a banana. March 96

Promotion is internal as much as external for any breed. May 96

I agree with her (Beryl Rutherford) that there is a "strong affinity between Dexter owners world-wide". September 96

As the days get longer and the sun warmer, take the time to stand in the middle of your pasture and watch the cattle frolic and kick up their heels. Feel the southern breezes blowing away the brown of winter across the returning green of spring grass and if you're real quiet, you'll hear the serenity and the reason for why you're here. March 97

There seems to be some concerns about the words achondroplasia, bulldog, and dwarf's appearance in the (breed publication). Fortunately, I managed to get all three words into this issue. May 97

Anchondroplasia is not so much a breed problem as it is a breeding problem... May 97

I get tired sometimes of the politics and personalities but since what I do or don't do is pretty visible, I'll leave the affairs of state for the others to sort out. July 97

Changes, flu, kids, and farm have slowed things down here a bit, which is probably for the best. September 97

Sometimes the best decisions are no decisions, for rather than reaction it's better to do the research first so one can take responsible action because with most decisions there is going to be some kind of trade-off which needs to be understood for the betterment of the breed. March 98

Color and horns are insignificant traits compared to rumps and udders. March 98

Any breed association's primary function is the registration and transfer of animals. This takes precedence over anything else. It can, and should, provide information about the breed. It's purpose cannot be for the selling of breeders cattle as it is a non-profit organization. It can serve as a network to bring breeders together and assist with exhibitions and shows done regionally. The advertisement and promotion of the breed is most effective at the grass roots level, whether done individually or as regional groups. March 98

Dexters stand out as one of the most sensible and ecological breeds around. May 98

Despite any differences we may have about our cattle we're unified in that there's always another miracle waiting to happen out in the pasture for all of us... May 98

Conservation does make allowances for a breed to evolve. Few realize that the Aberdeen-Angus was threatened with extinction during the early 1800's when the Shorthorn became the craze. William McCombie is given credit for saving the breed that he had faith in. So just one breeder can make a difference. May 2000

New members bring enthusiasm to the breed, and how many times have we heard them say, "this may be a stupid question but..." and the questions are good and unbeknownst to the new breeder the answers can sometimes be complex. May 2000

Don't call at midnight to complain that you read that Dexters were easy to fence and you've just chased your bull across three counties. May 2000

Sometimes someone will get an idea that they believe will walk on water but it's been my experience that it's generally a good idea to roll up your pants legs first. July 2000

Opinions without basis of fact can sometimes be damaging to the association, the breeders and to a breeder's cattle. July 2000

I can sometimes tell when the weather is about to change because my Dexters become more vocal. October 2001

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