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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

PDCA members can save $20...

...by advertising their Dexter cattle for free on the PDCA website. I've been getting many inquiries recently from people interested in Dexter cattle which is always good. Whether I have something for sale or not inquiries provide an opportunity to promote the breed and the PDCA. The old adage is that you advertise this year for next year. So if you haven't already, take advantage of the free listing on the PDCA website and let the world know that you have Dexter cattle.

It's not too early to be thinking about Spring calving and so another good avenue to let people know that you may have Dexters available for sale would be the upcoming Spring issue of the PDCA Record. Every inquiry to the PDCA is sent a current edition of the Record. So purchasing an advertisement in your breed publication not only helps by adding a little revenue to the association and shows your appreciation of the great job that Patrice does as Editor with each issue, but also may bring you a buyer.

You may think that it's still winter and too early but just as there are people looking at garden catalogs right now and thinking about plants this Spring, there's also people right now thinking about planting some Dexter cattle in their pasture. Let them know about your Dexters!

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