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Sunday, June 04, 2006

2006 PDCA Dexter Photo Contest

There will be a Dexter photo contest at the 2006 PDCA Meeting, Show and Sale. This is a fun event, which gives everyone a chance to show off their favorite Dexter cattle. This is especially important for those who wish they could attend, but cannot and for all of those who make the trek to Ashland, Ohio in October. The contest is open to PDCA members.

Send 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 color photos of your Dexter cattle by 10-01-06 to Jim Johnson, 5284 West Streetsboro Road, Richfield, Ohio 44286-9564. Please enclose $3 entry fee (payable to the PDCA) for each photo entered. This fee is $2 less than last year.

Classes will be offered in the following categories:

1. Individual cattle pictures
2. Dexters in a scenic setting
3. Dexters and people
4. Working Dexters
5. Dexters for Beef
6. Milking Dexters
7. Dexter calves
8. Dexter cow-calf pairs
9. Dexter herd bulls
10. Dexters on Display (fairs, field days, etc.)
11. Other

The PDCA reserves the right to use photo entries for the purpose of promotion of the breed, but will give appropriate credit to owners if photos are used.

Awards will be given in each class and participants at the PDCA Meeting will select a Grand Prize Photo. The winner will receive a one-year free membership in the PDCA.

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