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Monday, February 21, 2005

PDCA Registration Policy

We've been seeing a number of registration papers with errors coming from outside the PDCA. Some of the types of errors that have been showing up are the wrong listings of breeders and owners, incorrect birth dates (Dexters don't calf every 3 months), a calf from a dam that the owner hasn't owned for 10 years, and perhaps the strangest one of all was an old deceased bull that is not on AI listed as the sire of a recent calf. So if you have papers from another Dexter cattle association don't assume that these will be automatically transferable to the PDCA. If there's extra work involved with Rosemary having to make calls and track down the correct information this could result in delays and extra fees charged. In questionable instances DNA parentage verification will be required as well as for future AI bulls. It's important that Dexter breeders be made aware of some of the errors in order that they can double-check their paperwork for mistakes so as to not run into extra charges and problems with their registrations later on. Our first duty is to protect the PDCA registry's accuracy and integrity. The registration policy will be published in the upcoming Spring 2005 PDCA Record which is nearing completion.

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