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Monday, May 16, 2005

Buying Dexter Cattle

There is a lot of diversity among Dexter cattle and prices will vary depending on the animal, the breeder, and the location. So the first step for the first time buyer will be to determine why you want a Dexter or Dexters and in deciding which characteristics and traits would be most important to your plans. If you plan to milk you'll want to pay close attention to udders or if you're raising Dexters for tender beef then your emphasis may be more on rumps. Conservation and the bloodlines of the animal may be important to you. Breeders vary from the conservationists, small homesteaders desiring a family cow on their small acreage, natural beef growers for niche gourmet beef markets, to retired cattlemen and cattlewomen that keep Dexters because they're easier to handle and they just like having cows around. You'll need to decide your preferences such as age of animal(s), polled or horned, whether color is important to you, size, etc. I always recommend that a new buyer visit several herds before buying in order to find just the right type that will suite one's needs. Most Dexter breeders will be happy to show you their herds no matter how large or small.

Your next step will be locating herds to look at and trying to find the type of Dexter you desire that is available for sale. Dexters are widely distributed but they vary in numbers and certain types may be more prevalent in one area than another. If you contact the PDCA -

Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America
404 High Street
Prairie Home, MO 65068


You will receive an information packet which will include a current list of Dexter breeders along with the PDCA Record which contains classified advertisements for Dexter cattle. You can also find a membership directory and some classified advertisements on the PDCA Website.

Area Managers and State Representatives can also be a good source to contact in helping to find your Dexter as they may know animals available for sale in their respective regions. The listing of PDCA Area Managers and regions with their contact information can be found here.

So happy hunting and good luck in finding the perfect Dexter for you!

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