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Monday, May 23, 2005

Dexter Cattle Books

I had a phone from a new breeder yesterday asking me what are some good Dexter cattle books. When I started looking around my bookshelves I discovered that many of the books that were specific to Dexter cattle that I've collected over the past 15 years are now difficult if not impossible to find. So I thought a list of Dexter books might be helpful to new members in order that they might at least know what book titles to look for.

"My Love Affair with the Dexter"
by Beryl Rutherford
This is the latest Dexter book just coming out and will be available through the PDCA for as long as we can keep supplies in stock to meet demand. Dex-Info also has several sources listed around the world where this book can be acquired.

"Dexter Cattle"
by John Hays
Originally published in 1984 and now just recently republished for a 4th edition. This book gives a good general history of Dexters in America and also provides some Dexter dairy data. Currently available from the PDCA.

"The Ilsington Herd of Dexter Cattle"
by Rosemary Brown
First published in 1997, this is a story of a Dexter cattle herd and their owner's experiences from 1975 to 1995 in the UK. This book may still be available from http://www.dextercattleforsale.co.uk/ under other ads.

"The Life and Times of Dexters"
by Ted Neal
Dedicated to Dexters, when this book came out in 1992 it was an instant favorite with all Dexter breeders. This book has some good information about the breed and is sometimes described as the ultimate Dexter coffee table book because of the large and colorful photos of Dexters. Unfortunately, I don't know any place that you can purchase this book but should you ever come across a copy you should definitely buy it.

"Kerry and Dexter Cattle and other ancient Irish breeds, A History"
by P.L. Curran
While the book's accent is more towards the Kerry it contains some excellent historical background on the Dexter and delves into the genetics resulting in "bulldogs". Published in 1990, occasionally you may come upon a copy on the internet but it may some time searching for it.

"The Dexter Cow and Cattle Keeping on a Small Scale" by W.R. Thrower
First published in 1954 with a revised edition printed in 1980, this was probably for a long time the most popular Dexter book published. The book provides the kind of information many new Dexter owners are seeking about the care and managing of a Dexter, albeit from a UK perspective. A once common Dexter book that now may be difficult to find.

I'm not sure if this is a complete listing of all books specifically about Dexter cattle but these are the ones in my home library that I recommend keeping an eye out for. If you know of a Dexter cattle book that I've omitted here please let me know and we'll pass that information along. Happy hunting!

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